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The sardine run is on !!!!

Every year, the Sardine Run natural phenomenon takes place along the east coast of Africa, with sardines swimming up the Agulhas current from the south waters  of Africa up along the east coast to Mozambique passing along PORT ELIZABETH;  No need to say that with the sardines, comes all the predators looking for their protein-rich sardine concentrate 🙂 those are the whales (who take this opportunity….nature works wonders, to go up the stream to the warm Mozambique channel to have their calves), the sharks, the dolphins, the gannets (those are incredible birds looking like kamikaze planes hitting the sea surface and swimming deep to catch the sardine…) incredible sights!

Nelson Mandela Bay offers all this “sardine run” procession a haven, a place to rest during storms and high swells, so get to book your outing, for the day, or for the week OUT THERE and DO NOT MISS this opportunity! Contact Rainer at expert-tours or Louis at Prodive

Sardine Run

World Rhino day

The 22nd is “world rhino day”, and the WWF is calling for an end to rhino poaching, which as you all know (!) threatens the survival of the rhino.  South Africa which has most of the species in the world, has recently increased its protection policy with more severe prosecuting and sentencing. Nevertheless, numbers reported in the Press are indicating 287 rhinos decimated for the use of their horns, 16 or more of which were the endangered black rhino.

“This action must be met with a corresponding commitment by countries in Asia where consumer demand for rhino horn is inciting poachers” (source:

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